About CBRD

The Paul Avedisian Center for Business Research and Development (CBRD) was established in 1992 to help foster the economic development of Armenia in its transition to a market economy. CBRD is a non-profit organization and was supported through generous donations by the Ed Avedissian Family. The center has received a litany of grants from public and private organizations. The Manoogian College of Business and Economics administers the Center.

CBRD carries out organized research and development projects through teams of faculty, local experts, alumni and graduate assistants. It is an academic meeting place that provides unique opportunities for the development of young researchers, both in and outside of Armenia, committed to making contributions to business decision-making and strategic processes.

CBRD serves as a resource for information and expertise for both local and international firms.
The Center was the first to provide western research and consulting services in the areas of business and management in Armenia and the region. With this experience, CBRD has developed a unique mix of knowledge and capabilities that apply to a wide range of situations.


CBRD designs and implements a variety of studies and research projects including but not limited to a wide range topics from economics, business analysis and planning, feasibility studies for business start-ups, market research and analysis, industry analysis, due diligence reviews and financial analysis, production planning and optimization, accounting conversion, and implementation of classroom and on-the-job training programs. Our Economic research team has been working on diverse topics from development economics, political and labor economy, macroeconomics, and policy analysis.